Tuesday 17 October 2017

#CountryKids on Freshwater East, Pembrokeshire

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

On the day that was forecast to be the best weather we headed to Freshwater East to let the children try out their bodyboards and wet suits. It is one of the safer of the beaches along the coast although the waves are not as big as on other beaches. It is certainly a beautiful setting:

Freshwater East, Pembrokeshire

The water was lovely and clear for swimming and for messing about on the water. The advantage of being in a large group was that there was always an adult willing to be in the water with children allowing the others to chill on the sand. 

It was pretty good sand for fun too, especially when you have a willing volunteer to be buried in it:

It was good for making sand castles too:

It was such a nice day I made it out into the water more than once including a full swim. Our group enjoyed spending the day making the most of the lovely setting:

Freshwater East, Pembrokeshire

When we got back to our accommodation it was BBQ night and we made the most of the large BBQ that was part of the grounds:

We had a campfire with marshmallows and a sing song. It made a lovely end to a wonderful day.

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