Monday 23 October 2017

#CountryKids Yet another Pokemon Go walk around Kendal

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Yesterday turned out to be a lot better weather than during Storm Brian so we decided it was a perfect chance to get out and hunt for the new generation 3 Pokemon! We are less than a mile from the castle so set off in that direction to add both distance and Pokestops: 

This little pathway is known as dodging death on Strava as it runs between two parts of the graveyard. I have to say I wouldn't fancy it after dark on my own:

The path comes out at the foot of the hill on which the castle is built. Its not the easiest route up to the castle but its rather beautiful through the trees:

I had sensibly put on hiking boots but, almost inevitably,  as soon as I said to my son to watch his step I slipped and fell into the mud:

He of course got to the top without falling over! The sun was trying to break through as we reached the top and he went into the old courtyard to get to the last Pokestop:

Kendal Castle

There are plenty of views of the town from the top of the hill. This one takes in the River Kent with the weir, Stramongate Bridge and Victoria Bridge:

We descended the hill on a more sensible slope which runs down to the opposite side of the town:

The hill is very popular with dog walkers and we met this lovely Staffie/Boxer cross chasing balls:

There were plenty of wild Pokemon to catch too:

Then my son realised that my step count was greater than his so decided to run around a lot whilst I walked in a straight line:

Eventually we got down the weir on the river:

In the chilly wind it was very quiet down on Gooseholme:

Whilst I took in the view my son battled the Pokemon gym at the church:

By now we were cold and peckish and the only still open cafe was Costa with a new yummy cake:

Then we met up with some fellow Pokemon Go players for a raid in the market place:

As my son was playing on my phone I had time to admire these patient pooches who were waiting for their owner to finish:

Then we meandered home past the church. Some of the other players were gathering for another Pokemon raid in front of it:

We then took the peaceful route back along the old canal so that we could have another pop at a gym on Change Bridge:

So a walk that combined heritage, technology, exercise and some socialising plus cake!

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