Tuesday 24 October 2017

#CountryKids Wray Castle, National Trust

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

My son was asked which National Trust property he would like to be taken to by his aunt and uncle. It was no surprise to me that he chose Wray Castle:

We weren't the only ones who knew that this is the best place to visit with children on a wet, autumn Lakes day and it was very busy with a full car park. Luckily we managed to get in alright. There are plenty of things to occupy children indoors including building blocks in the Peter Rabbit rooms:

We also managed a short table tennis game before checking out the Steam Gondola room:

One of the most popular rooms (and now upstairs) was the castle blocks room. Lots of children building, balancing and having fun with the foam building blocks:

A new thing for us was the Beatrix Potter birthday room which both gives you a chance to pretend you are the Potter family or eat a real picnic:

One room we always enjoy is the snooker room (one day we might even complete a frame!). Luckily another boy was willing to play with my son:

I always love seeing the wonderful vaulted ceilings and central upper hall:

By now we were all in need of refreshment so purchased hot drinks and cakes to take back up to the Potter room:

Then, despite the continued drizzle, my son wanted to burn off his cake by going to the outdoor play area:

It was all a bit wet and slippery but that didn't deter him from balancing:


and tightrope walking:

All of this was in the woods at the base of the castle:

We then took a walk down towards the lake shore:

My son was happy to spend ages practising his stone skimming for next year's championships:

Luckily the adults were happy to admire the views and watch the steamers:

By now the rain had stopped so we finally got decent views from in front of the castle:

My son's erstwhile snooker opponent was making giant bubbles and I struck lucky when I captured one of them on my camera:

As always an enjoyable multi generational trip to Wray. I wonder what will be new next time....

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