Thursday 12 October 2017

#ReasonsToBeCheerful Harvest Festival, Going Retro and Breeding Giants #R2BC

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

The autumn lurgy has struck me down for the last few days so I need to focus on the positive stuff to lift me back up! Although in some respects being forced to take it easy is positive thing...

1) Harvest Festival

For the first time since my son changed schools I made it to his harvest festival. With it being his last year at primary school I am trying to get to as many events as possible. It was a fabulous celebration with songs from years 1-6 in our wonderful Parish Church:

2) Geek!

My son let me buy his school book token off him and I used it to start my new collection of Dr Who Mr Men books. Of course I had to start with my Doctor:

3) Blasts from the Past

On Sunday I had no energy at all and I needed to spend virtually all day lying down in bed. Luckily I had Amazon TV (Affiliate link)  films to stop me going stir crazy. I went back in time to watch old favourites including Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Dirty Dancing, Footloose and the Bodyguard. Nothing quite like a bit of Alan Rickman to make me feel better:

4) Breeding Giants

Both my children were officially measured today as part of health checks. My daughter at almost 14 is less than 1 cm taller than me and on the 95th centile. Her little brother is above the 99.6th centile heading for a prediction of 6ft 5!! Will I end up being the shortest in the immediate family?

5) Community Spirit

We have planters in our street that were looking very sad. A combination of donations from businesses and some green fingered residents has transformed them into these:

I do hope you will join in and share your posts as well as visiting the others in the link. Keep on sharing the positivity.


  1. Oh my word, can you imagine having a 6ft 5" son?? My kids are all super tall for their age too. I now as JJ to get me things when I can't reach. That's a lovely Church you went to for the Harvest Festival and Tom Baker was always my doctor as well. Have a good weekend, Mich x

  2. My daughter is also tall for her age, which is going t be amusing as we are a short family apart from her. The plant box looks lovely and bright. And I'm showing my age here but my Doctor we Jon Pertwee, and I actually remember Doctors 1 and 2. I was 10 months old when the very episode was aired and I watched it every week, mesmerised from beginning to end.

  3. My mum made the most of me being 10cm taller than her!

  4. You will Enjoy Christmas special with nod to Dr First

  5. Love to see community spirit and am fascinated by the Mr Who books, I did not know they existed! I'd be a Dr Third fan :)


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