Thursday 19 October 2017

Review: Famous Five Adventure Game

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When an e-mail popped up in my inbox asking if I was interested in reviewing a new game about the Famous Five I jumped at the chance! These stories were some of my favourites when I was growing up and I have the entire series somewhere boxed away. As an 8 and 9 year old I was part of a group of 5 that used to act out the stories and have our own adventures. My character was always Dick as I was most definitely a tomboy! 

First of all we were sent modern versions of the first 3 stories to read and enjoy. It was wonderful to to be taken back to Kirrin Island with the exciting adventures. Modern children would never be allowed to go off in the way they did at 12 and under to camp on an island. Of course they are also a bit old fashioned with Anne playing house but they are still thrilling adventures:

The game was released on the App store today and we had fun trying it out. We only had time for the quick game so I am not sure what the full game is like. First of all we had to decide which of the children we were going to have as the lead, so of course I had to insist on it being Dick! Then we had to choose the 2 locations that the adventure was going to be in:

Then we went in to the adventure and discovered what mystery we had to solve. In this case it was missing juggling balls. The characters don't talk in English but the text below them is simple to read:

It was great to see Kirrin Island and the castle brought to life in the game including details like the Jackdaw Tower. We had to visit certain places and collect clues by directing a bicycle with finger swipes. Once we had collected enough then we could move on to talking to witnesses. The only way to get good answers was to speak to them nicely so we had to choose the right way of asking each time:

The maps showed us where we need to go next and if you clicked on them then you got a trail to follow when you wanted to see a particular person:

We had to find clues on the suspects by quickly clicking on magnifying glasses. Then we had to check their alibis by solving puzzles or playing memory games or piecing together jigsaws:

Once we had correctly decided who was guilty they were handed over to the police and put in jail. The line that followed this was classic Enid Blyton:

Our final score card looked pretty impressive:

Then the story we had created with our investigations was put together as short story:

A game that provides a challenge both in terms of wits and speed with the finger! Think I may be tempted to have another jolly, old adventure with some ginger beer...

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