Tuesday 23 July 2013

Guest Post: Always Look on the Bright Side

I am stepping away from laptop and iPad for a couple of weeks to spend time with my children. Some lovely friends have written some guest posts to fill in the gap! First up is my friend Squiff who I met when I did Medieval re-enactment down in Sussex. Here is her debut blog post:

My husband has just started a job abroad that will see him away from home for approximately five months. It’s a difficult time for us as a family and a concept that is impossible for my two year old to fully grasp. So rather than dwell on the negatives and allow a sad atmosphere to get a grip I am determined to focus on the positives. 

Firstly I’m ceasing the opportunity to make a few life style changes and have set myself the challenge of losing a stone and a half while he is gone. No fad diet, no trendy fast days just an increase in my activity levels and a reduction in my calorie intake.

I am using some of the money we will be saving to start my son at pre-school in September. He’s an active and inquisitive boy who almost never sits still and the chance to explore a new environment is one I’m sure he will relish. Another positive is that it will give me a few hours break each week and while some of that will be used to do chores that are difficult to do with a two year old in tow I’m determined to use some of the time for myself, be that getting some exercise or just enjoying a chapter or two of a novel with a hot cup of tea.

I plan to use my empty evening to complete some craft projects and tackle some junk clearance -sorting out all the drawers and cupboards that have had piles of paperwork, heaps of junk and random bits and pieces stacked in them. 

So while the next few months could be long and lonely I’m planning to fill them and make them busy, happy times and as absence makes the heart grow fonder hopefully even happier times will follow when my husband get home.

So glad she is finding plenty to be positive about!

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