Tuesday 2 July 2013

#CountryKids: Beaver Colony at High Borrans

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

My son is lucky to be in a Beaver colony with a) an enthusiastic leader b) in such a great area. Tonight they had an outdoor adventure evening up at High Borrans. The weather was foul but wrapping them up in waterproofs and packing them off out in the rain made for a great evening. I only went along at the end as I had my daughter with me but we caught them doing a night line trail:

It was very amusing watching them follow the leader blindfolded along a rope. Being 6-8 years old they kept forgetting to let the person behind know what obstacles were ahead of them! 

Eventually they finished and went back on to the adventure playground area. This had lots of different balancing and rope type challenges:

He really showed his new found braveness with the way he tackled the course (listen to rain falling!):

At the end of the evening they all had a well earned hot chocolate back inside the centre:

I am so proud of how he is growing up fast and I'm sure that in the summer when both my children have their adventure visits to High Borrans with school they will have even more amazing fun. Just have to hope the weather is a lot better!

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