Thursday 25 July 2013

Guest Post: Our favourite day out

Another guest post from Squiff

We live in East Sussex and are lucky to have Knockhatch Adventure Park on the doorstep. I have an annual pass and my son loves to visit at every opportunity. The park has a small collection of farm and exotic animals, some of which can be met at an animal encounters show.

My son loves to see the different creatures and learns something new each time we visit.
I have a phobia of birds so the birds of prey exhibit is a test of my nerve but I’m determined that I won’t pass my fear on to my son and so far he hasn’t noticed that I’m ridged with terror every time one of them moves.

Beyond the animals are a number of rides and attractions. The tractor ride is a perennial favourite and the jumping pillows always raise a giggle. A huge sand pit and paddling pool provide sunny day fun while an indoor soft play area that means that we visit throughout the year.

As my boy gets older there is an adventure playground to explore and more rides to try so I’m sure we will continue to visit for many years to come.

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