Tuesday 30 July 2013

Guest Post: Look who’s talking

Here is another guest post from my friend Squiff:

It’s coming up for a year since my son uttered his first real word “cheese” and unusual and amusing choice for a first utterance and over the months he’s kept us laughing as his vocabulary expands.

He enjoys watching the news and delighted in squealing “Horse meat scandal” every time a new food scare hit the headlines. This was funny at home but attracted some odd looks when he started to shout it from his seat in the trolley whenever we turned into the meat aisle at the supermarket.  I now watch the news with my finger over the mute button as some of the other scandals would sound a little less funny when parroted by a two year old.

He loves vehicles and commentates on the passing traffic easily distinguishing between skip loaders and rubbish lorries but 4x4s don’t feature in his “Things that go” book so he’s had to find a name for them himself and now declares “wardrobe” whenever one passes. 

As I child I got myself in a pickle trying to say “cement mixer” and instead said “cermix menter”. This quickly because a family phrase and my entire family now struggle to pronounce the word correctly as we’ve used the wrong version so often so I’ve stuck to “mixer” when talking to my son.

He loves us to read to him and is always passing books to us. One night I was cooking dinner when my husband shouted through “What’s the Egg and Peas book? He keeps asking for it and I don’t know that one” I was unable to reply for a few minutes as I was laughing so hard “It’s again please book dear” was my eventual response.  

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