Thursday 1 August 2013

Guest Post: Crafted with love

The final guest post from Squiff

I love the unique and personal feel of handmade items. I’m a keen cross-stitcher and spent my pregnancy frantically working on a bold, bright animal alphabet and matching numbers sampler that now hang above my son’s bed.

The next project I turned my hand to was a name jigsaw – I bought a chunky wooden jigsaw of my son’s name online and painted it in colours to match his room. It stands on the bookshelf and is a great tool for starting to explore phonics with him.

My latest project is a word cloud poster of his likes. I listed his favourite things now (aged two) and those when he was six months old. I then used different sizes and colours of font to make them into pictures , printed them on photo paper and popped them into coloured frames. As well as an attractive decoration for his bedroom they are a great record of his development and will give us a permanent record of those often fleeting childhood passions.

What a talented lady!

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