Wednesday 14 August 2013

Game Review: Skylanders Giants #MumsLoveSkylanders

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When we came back from holiday to a missed parcel notice I realised that it must be the Skylanders set we were being sent to review. When I told my 6 year old he wanted to get down to the sorting office straight away to collect it as he has been asking for Skylanders for months! He was oh so excited to open the parcel to see what was inside:

As a starter set it comes with the Wii game, the portal of power and 3 Skylander Giants figures. The set retails at around £34 from places such as Amazon which is about par for the course for console games. It was easy to set up as I just had to plug in the portal using the USB cable and put in the game disc.

In the past with some Wii games I find them frustrating as my son has to constantly ask me to help or tell him what do. This time after selecting the Easy level on Story mode he just got on with it himself:

He was soon working out how to control the characters after choosing which one to put on the portal:

On the Easy level the game gave hints and tips that really helped him get going including suggesting he changed his giant:

I like the fact that the game makes the children solve problems and use their brain power and its not just about hitting things or going fast. Its a real challenge to get through some of the adventures and my son had to help his big sister work some out when she finally got allowed a turn! 

There is a battle mode but we haven't yet had a chance to try that one out as they are both keen to work their way through to the end of the adventure! I have been advised by others that to complete the game we may need to buy some more figures.... So I am guessing that my son is either going to have to save up or ask family members for more on his birthday. Then again we could just keep entering the daily competitions on to win some more!

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