Tuesday 9 July 2013

Sports Day

This afternoon it was school sports day and I managed to re-arrange work to go and cheer my children on. It was a scorching hot day but some of us lent the school some gazebos to provide shade for the children:

The adults were left to bake in the sun alongside the track! As you can see I was lucky enough to get a seat close to the action and I was able to watch my children as the excitement built up:

The first event for both of them was the sack race. I have vague memories of doing this one as a child and I love to watch it still going on:

As you can see wearing a hat is a handicap! The next couple of races I videoed and as I can't at the minute edit out other people's children you'll just have to take my word for it that in the flat race and the relay race my children really did their best! My daughter was honest enough to turn around and go back in the bean bag event as her bag missed the target hoop..

The last event of the day for the pupils was the year 5 and 6 "fell" race up and around the grounds. Its compulsory for all the students and looks highly competitive as the race up the path to the top of the hill:

There were some very talented runners who I am sure will go a long way. Then it was the all important parents' race which I had managed to avoid for the previous 4 years! My daughter told me that I had to do it this year after all my running training... Of course we had no proper warm up and I'm not used to a sprint so maybe it was inevitable that I damaged the muscle that I'd hurt just over a month ago... So next year I am leaving the running to everyone else!

A really good proper sports day with all the school taking part and a fabulous atmosphere from the crowd of family and friends. Roll on next year!

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