Wednesday 11 November 2015

A tale of 2 sleepovers

I was looking for inexpensive birthday parties for my children this year so agreed they could both have sleepovers. They turned out to be very different affairs! 

12 year old "Hunger Games" sleepover

My daughter helped to create individual district invites for her 5 friends with the use of the Internet. She wanted it all to have shades of the book series. The sleepover was mostly outside (thank goodness for a mild October) and they pitched tents in the garden:

They did have sheepskins to keep them nice and snug overnight! I had hidden the food and drink around the garden in containers and they had to hunt it all down before they could eat. It was all cooked by them on the BBQ and I was able to let them get on with it.

After eating they came inside for a while to watch one of the Hunger Games movies before heading out to the tents. They did make use of the WiFi to watch YouTube videos for quite some time and there were giggles until about 1 AM. In the morning they were up bright and early and being obviously sophisticated they even made a pot of tea:

9 year old Hobbit party

My son had decided on aiming for a Hobbit movie marathon for his sleepover (his first ever). His invitations were just simple and handwritten. I got in plenty of pizza and kept cooking it until the 4 boys were full!

In fact they only managed one movie (and then the Bluray player switched off!). So they switched to playing games on the Xbox my son had spent his birthday money on:

At about 11 I needed to go to bed so left them to it in the lounge. Every so often I was woken up by some slightly over excited noises from downstairs but they didn't intentionally wake me until breakfast. It turned out they had almost all stayed up ALL night playing games!! One fell asleep after breakfast so his mum left him for a couple of hours. My son made it until lunchtime and fell asleep eating birthday cake on the sofa:

I think we have all just about caught up on our sleep now!

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