Tuesday 17 November 2015

Family Fun on a Rainy Day

Storm Abigail meant that outdoor activities were curtailed this weekend as the River Kent and other places were inundated with water:

We were invited to my parents' for Sunday lunch with my dad's cousin and after eating had to find ways to entertain 3 generations. My 9 year old decided it was the perfect time to dig out Granny's rainy day games chest which comes with plenty of games to play. First up I played marbles with my children which caused much hilarity:

Then my cousin was roped in for tiddlywinks. We first of all tried on the bare wood but went back to the mat to get a bounce. 

I had forgotten how technical it is to tiddle your wink:

Eventually we gave up and moved on to table top croquet. This is harder than it looks too:

Finally the Yahtzee dice came out and we had a 6 player game. We used to play this a lot as older children and I had forgotten how strategic you have to be to win:

I am looking forward to many more board games now that winter is drawing in properly..

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