Monday 30 November 2015

Half Marathon Training Update - 30th November

Well with my first winter 10 k race of the season this coming weekend I am not too pleased with my training runs these last couple of weeks! It was going well when I did this lovely chilly and hilly run up around the Helm:

Wrapped up warm

Its a lovely route and so peaceful:

I even squeezed in a run to take the long way to the shops:

Then with all of the events taking place over the last week or so I've not been able to get out... So today despite the horrid weather I went out. I had to change my planned route due to the conditions so went in front of the Helm instead of behind:

Shame there wasn't much of a view:

I also needed to take avoiding action due to flooding:

As the route came up short I took the longer way back via one of the estates and wiggled around a bit until I got back to familiar territory and the end of the canal path:

I was cold, wet and relieved:

Things are not looking fabulous for even coming close to equalling my course PB on Saturday ...

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