Wednesday 15 April 2020

Ghost town and running - Day 27

Today was so beautiful I decided it was time to go for a horse ride:

@lakessinglemum Lovely morning for a horse ride ##oldtownroad ##horse ##fyp ##over40 ##mumsoftiktok
♬ Old Town Road - Lil Nas X/Billy Ray Cyrus
Then I got myself all wrapped up for a trip into town to get my car tyre fixed and pick up some essentials:

I haven't been into town since before lockdown and it was just like a ghost town with closed shops and virtually no-one around:

Once my car had been fixed, for free, I headed to the supermarkets. There was a bit of queue at Aldi and I realised after 20 minutes that I hadn't got a £1 coin for the trolley! Some kind man lent me a token so I could get one as I was doing a big shop for family. It wasn't too bad shopping in there and  lovely member staff helped me out when I couldn't find some things. My reward, after delivering the shopping, was a lovely, healthy salad out in the sunshine:

My son then went off for a run so I took the chance to make another TikTok:

@lakessinglemum Had to rope in cardboard Jason for this one! ##single ##coincidance ##fyp ##over40 ##mumsoftiktok ##jasonmomoa
♬ CoinciDANCE - Coincidance

I am so impressed with my son's run. He did 5 miles in the time it takes me to run 5 kilometres:

My own little run once again matched up with dropping things to my parents. Today's rainbow colour was yellow:

I was no where near as fast as my son but I was pleased with knocking 13 seconds off the same run as Monday.

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