Saturday 4 April 2020

Open All Hours - Day 16

With it being Saturday it was time for my 3rd gardenrun to make up for not being able to do a parkrun. Jason seemed happy to be marshalling again:

I can't seem to get up any pace as its lots of twists and turns! If you are unable to sleep then you can watch my full live video from this morning... A virtual prize for anyone that can tell me how many laps I managed:

Garden run #3
Posted by Lakes Single Mum on Saturday, 4 April 2020

For my outfit of the day I chose to dress like Arkwright from Open All Hours:

It seemed like an appropriate choice when I had to attempt to finish everyone's shopping at Asda. This time I had a much longer wait to get it:

Luckily I manage to get virtually everything including the holy grail of plain flour! I was able to walk back down our wide back lane and safely pass other pedestrians whilst enjoying the daffodils:

I dropped off the groceries, much amusement over my outfit, and then headed back home. My reward was time on my Mazzle whilst watching this week's free musical from Andrew Lloyd Webber which was Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat:

The magnifying glass really helped me to spot the place names on the map, a cunning use of Google Maps also made it a bit easier! It's still going to take me a while:

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  1. We watched Joseph tonight. Loved it. Next week is Jesus Christ Superstar (according to Mich). Very apt programming - Joseph just before Passover and Jesus for Easter. 'See' you tomorrow xxx


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