Friday 3 April 2020

Fancy Dress Friday - Day 15

Joe Wicks had asked people to dress up for today's workout so I decided on my fairy outfit:

Turns out that fairy wings aren't great for crunches! However they weren't too bad for running in... I was finally out of quarantine so I decided to head for my favourite local cross country route. On the way I went passed a police van. They stopped and asked if I need sectioning! Then I was asked by an NHS worker to stop for a photo:

It was wonderful to a) be out running in the real world b) to be making people smile with my outfit. I managed to get some video clips of myself out on the old canal:

After my run I had a chance to change into another outfit. I even had a go at doing my hair and makeup to turn myself into Amy Johnson the British aviator from the 1930s:

This is what I wore to do a big lot of shopping for various folks at Morrisons! A surreal experience after 2 weeks in my home. I do need to fine tune how to shop for multiple people as I was out for 3.5 hours including delivery (and a flat tyre).

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  1. I noticed you glossed over the flat tyre but that must have been frustrating. As for running dressed as a fairy, you are totally bonkers. Have a good weekend hahahaha. xxx


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