Thursday 2 April 2020

Feeding the ducks - Day 14

The daily Joe Wicks' session had an added dose of cuteness when his little girl once again joined in the cool down:

My outfit of the day made use of my ex husband's old re-enactment padded jack and helmet:


I decided to join in with the duck feeding by taking care of our own flock of ducks:

In order to keep my brain ticking over I got out a very complicated jigsaw of the Central Lake District:

For dinner I experimented with air frying chicken breasts:

  • Sprayed the presentation side of chicken breasts with a low cal oil.
  • Sprinkled with seasoning (mixed herbs and pepper).
  • Put in basket for 10 minutes at 200C.
  • Turned over and seasoned the other side.
  • Put back into the basket for another 10 minutes.
Served up with rice and peas it was very succulent and voted a big hit by both of us:

We then joined in the 8PM clap of all the key workers. 


  1. I am humbled by your creativity and productivity. I'll be round later to post a R2BC.

  2. I am running out of steam a little bit after a fortnight! Going out for a real run later this morning as my quarantine is over :-) Look forward to reading it x

  3. In these days of decluttering, one has to ask why you still have your ex husband's re-enactment padded jacket? The chicken and rice looks delish. xxx

  4. You can see why you're such a great teacher, all that dressing up si such fun. I bet you're glad your self isolation is done now, good to be able to get your shopping and cook some fab food. We had an amazing beef casserole today.

  5. that is the reason why I have so many outfits and accessories in my wardrobe! Ooh sounds yummy


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