Thursday 9 April 2020

TikTok time for reasons to be Cheerful #R2BC

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Welcome back to reasons to be cheerful. I am loving reading about all the things you have been doing to keep smiling in these testing times. Maybe someone else's ideas have inspired you? So please do join in!

What do you have to do? Simple:

1. Link up a post about something that is making you happy or grateful. It can be a list, photos or any way you fancy

2. Add the #R2BC badge (at the end of this post) onto your post or blog so that people can easily find the linky and join in too if they want to

3. Share the love. This is the really important bit. Please don't just link and run, comment on at least a couple of posts and why not share with #R2BC too?

I'll stop by all linked up posts to comment and I'll share on social media too. Meanwhile here are my reasons to be cheerful for this week:

1) TikTok

Regular followers will have spotted I am now on TikTok! I am having so much fun trying to workout how to create a variety of videos. My daily doses of silliness seem to be making lots of other people smile too:

So many plans for more ways of making a fool of myself on the Internet!

2) Out, out

After 2 weeks of quarantine I was allowed out again on Friday. This means that I can now look after all my self isolating relatives by doing their shopping and having the excitement of the new queuing systems (and yes I am going out dressed up!):

3) Feeling loved

I have had some lovely compliments on social media this week. It's quite daunting to post pictures and videos when you don't look like a cat walk model! However, I apparently have a lovely smile:

Kate (who blogs at Kate on Thin Ice) encouraged lots of us to post self portraits in her Facebook group. It's good to be able to compliment other people and have lovely comments in return.

4) Time with my boy

When you are the parent of a teenager it's often a case that they do their best to avoid being seen with you outside! With the current restrictions my son has asked to go out with me for walks:

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  1. Hello Smiler. Thanks for hosting. Love it that your son wants to go on walks with you. My DD is slowly coming round to the idea though we're only allowed to go 100 meters.

  2. My JJ has been going out with me for walks to, I bet ours are consdierably slower than yours!! lol You do have fab smile and you'd make anyone smile if they saw you shopping in yoru dress-up outfits!! MIhc x

  3. I LOVE all your photos on social media at the moment, they always cheer me up. Well done on trying out Tik Tok - I gave up new social media when Snap Chat came in!

  4. I dare you to TikTok ;-) Thank you its my little piece of help to the world!

  5. Its funny the reactions some people ignore it! At least you are out :-)

  6. I do feel for you and hope we don't get restricted any more. Thanks for joining in.

  7. Hope the walks help your son, I'm thankful my kids are relatively hermit like like myself and partner!
    I still haven't braved the supermarket, my mental health isn't really made for that, I have been wrestling with the old Tesco apps though!
    Enjoy your tiktoking!

  8. His mental health suffers if he isn't able to stay fit so its good he can get out. Supermarkets much better in the evening.

  9. celebratingmums12 April 2020 at 18:08

    Your son is growing up and looking more like a young man now. Eeek! I think you are amazing. I already did but to help others as you are and to play the fool and make us smile makes you a legend in my eyes. I am int the UK and when this is over I am coming to join in the fun in Kendal somehow. I am that Kate on Thin Ice one! #R2BC

  10. I would love to have you come and visit us xx thank you


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