Friday 10 April 2020

Fairy enough - Days 21 and 22

As I did my reasons to be cheerful post yesterday I decided to combine my corona diaries from 2 days into 1. 

It was my parents turn for their shopping delivery. This time I used the Sainsbury's app to reduce my stress levels and make for the least human contact possible. Delivering to the house is a case of putting everything on the doorstep, ringing the bell and then beating a hasty retreat:

My reward was a chance to give Sherlock a good tummy rub:

I also spent some time sorting out more of the kitchen, making TikToks and doing my jigsaw!

This morning I headed out for my weekly fairy run:

On a really warm morning it was lovely to make so many people smile and hear some children call out "Hello fairy" as I ran down the other bank of the river. Whilst running I managed to capture some footage:

After a couple of TikToks and some laundry I went to check on my daughter and give her a chance to have time with her dog whilst dropping off some supplies:

She and I even managed to film a socially distant TikTok together after I had taught her the moves! All this video making is giving me practice at my make up and allowing me to embrace my grey hair:


  1. I love your hair all down and soft around your face. Who cares what colour it is although the grey does give an air of sophistication.

  2. I'm proper sofistikated innit! Thank you !


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