Wednesday 22 April 2020

Memories and Painting - Day 34

I started off my day with a quick game of frisbee with Jason:

@lakessinglemum Frisbee with Jason ##frisbee ##single ##mumsoftiktok ##over40 ##fypage
♬ Let's Do It Again - J Boog

Then I had a couple of hours of maths tutoring which was very rewarding. My Asda grocery delivery also arrived early (thanks to the driver living in my street!) so I could take pet food up to my parents'

I was reminded once again about the amazing race I filmed on Cat Bells 2 years ago:

This then inspired me to try and recreate a photo I took that day to update my lounge window:

Other happy reminders of fell racing popped up with one of our local families who all leapt in the air for my footage of a Kendal Winter League race on Arant Haw:

The downstairs loo is now nearly finished I put some things back up on the walls today. I still have to seal around the loo and sink to finish the tiles. Whilst in Asda I bought some paint so that I can, belatedly, paint the skirting boards:

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