Monday 6 April 2020

Sunshine and sharpening - Day 18

It was a day to don my Victorianesque teacher garb with long skirt and lace up boots:

After more than 2 weeks of social isolation I think it got to me a bit today as I wasn't feeling much motivation. I did rustle up crumpet pizzas with, for me, a cold chicken salad:

My only successful mission was to empty out my school bag and sharpen all the pencils!

As I am still on the search for some missing essentials I walked up to Asda where it was so quiet. Whilst some things are still not in stock or in short supply there were more yellow sticker bargains such as these chicken drumsticks for 20p:

When I got back my feet were aching from over a mile in high heeled boots! So I made the most of the early evening sun to sit in the garden for a while before cooking tea:

Tonight's Disney+ movie choice was the new version of the Lion King. Incredible CGI and a chance to sing a long. Just hope my mojo is restored tomorrow!


  1. I love the look of that chicken salad. Wishing you a speedily restored mojo. Lots of love xxx


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