Friday 17 April 2020

Rainbow colours - Day 28 & 29

Having acquired face paints whilst shopping for essentials I attempted a Moaning Myrtle look:

This let me have another go with the TikTok water effect:

@lakessinglemum Channeling my Moaning Myrtle ##harrypotter ##moaningmyrtle ##fyp ##over40 ##mumsoftiktok
♬ Harry Potter Theme Song - Ost

After a couple of hours of tutoring I headed out for a run around town:

I was very pleased with my fastest run on this route since August 2017:

Today I started on painting our downstairs loo, which is the only room not touched since we moved in 5 years ago. I had to clear off the shelves, take them down and then move the tumble dryer before I could get 2 coats of paint done over the course of the day:

At lunchtime I taught my son how to make a family favourite dish of macaroni cheese:


After eating we headed out for walk / run along the old canal and river. As it was Friday I wore my wings and rainbow colour indigo (I was one day out and should have worn blue!):

Since we last went along this way there are so many gorgeous bluebells and other signs of spring:

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  1. Of course we'll need to see the finished toilet when it's done. Hmmm macaroni cheese sounds good. xxx


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