Wednesday 24 October 2012

Flab Fighters Week 7


As so many of us are flab fighting at the minute I thought I would create a linky for us all to help encourage each other! So each week on a Wednesday join in and get support and encouragement. To find out more check the launch page.

What I did right this week

I got some important online support from #theshreddies:








We are encouraging each other on the 30 day Shred! Having people tweet their shreds is really inspiring. I have now done 9 shreds and it does make me feel good.

I also signed back up to 6 more weeks at the gym thanks to birthday money. This will keep up the momentum and despite the start of a cold I managed 2 sessions this week. We had a couple of family swimming sessions too. As far as calories went I had a few days of staying under the limit.

What I did wrong

At the weekend I had a stinking cold and went for quick and easy instead of making healthy choices. I also didn't really track what I was eating. Monday I had a tooth extracted and was so wiped out and spent 4 hours in bed before collecting children from school! Needless to say shredding was out of the question... Tuesday I still had little energy. Eating things that were chewable was higher on my priority list than checking healthy options!

How it went

Not surprisingly I stayed the same weight and I am still 3lb from my 2 stone award...

How have you done?

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  1. MidlifeSinglemum24 October 2012 at 21:59

    You could lick 3lbs in one week. Go for it!

  2. Need focus and no bugs! Half term too..

  3. I really need to join you Guys on this. I'm struggling to find motivation at the mo, argh! Well done on losing nearly 2 stone, thats fantastic! x


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