Thursday 4 October 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful: Boy I need cheering up! All about my girl ( #R2BC )

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
It's been a rubbish day so I need to focus on the positive this week to give Michelle great vibes to fly to Ethiopia!


1) Things my daughter says

Listening to the radio in the car tonight and Belinda Carlisle comes on with Blue Heaven. My daughter leant over and turned up the volume because mummy when I think of you I'm in heaven. What a lovely thing to say.


2) Things my daughter does


For the last 2 mornings just as my alarm goes off my daughter has appeared in her school uniform with a fresh mug of coffee! This is such a treat for me even if I don't have time to drink it in bed.


3) Proud of my daughter

My daughter was inspired by finding my sampler from 1979 to make her own. She worked on it whenever she was with my mum and virtually all by herself created this:



What a clever young lady! She is also already reading Roald Dahl books all by herself.

What is making you smile?



  1. What a lovely post :) Really made me smile, great reasons to be cheerful x

  2. Wow, a daughter that makes you coffee in the mornings?! She sounds like a little you hire her out?! X

  3. Lovely post! Your lucky to have a daughter who is so lovely especially one who makes you coffee in the morning :-)

  4. Your daughter sounds lovely! Such a lovely thing to say about the song and also really nice to have herself up and dressed before you're even out of bed!
    My daughter is four and it takes me an age to get her up in te mornings lol

  5. What a lovely post :) Really made me smile, great reasons to be cheerful x


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