Saturday 20 October 2012

Saturday what do you do with yours?

Being a working mum I breathe a sigh of relief when Saturday comes round. No one has to get up for work or school so the alarms are off and we can lie in longer (shame for some reason my children actually wake earlier!).


At the moment there are no out of school activities for either child so the day is ours. Generally this means we pootle about at home in the morning and hit the swimming pool at lunch time. We did get caught out this week with the pool being closed for a training course. Apparently posters have been up in leisure centre for weeks about it but I missed them amongst the tonnes of adverts...


Saturday afternoons are quite often spent catching up on the housework that doesn't get done during the week. Today I offered the children small bits of extra pocket money to tidy their rooms and it was a success! My children do play out in our cul de sac too if weather is good.


By the early evening it's time to watch a DVD and maybe eat popcorn (and if its been pay day a pizza delivery!). By then we are all ready to just chill out. I'm sure soon we will have more energy on Saturdays but for now I am happy with a mix of chilling and being active!


How do you spend yours?


  1. MidlifeSinglemum20 October 2012 at 20:14

    It's actually interesting to read how others spend their weekends. Mybe you should start a meme with a linky.

  2. Not another linky ;-) hope people will just comment

  3. Sounds a bit like mine. I spend so much time driving around during the week that its good to be able to stay put on Saturdays.


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