Friday 19 October 2012

This week's Toys R Us Toyologist Reviews

Dragon Chase Game

This Dragon Chase is a 3+ game for 2-4 players so ideal for a family like mine. It needed batteries to be inserted before we could play it which requires a screwdriver. My daughter stuck the dice stickers on in a random order. The dragon's body then is slid into slots on the game board. My daughter needed some help to do this and then we put the dragon head into the body.

The game itself is simple to play. Each player chose a colour piece and put a jewel on the top. Then the die is rolled and either you move forward the number of spaces on the die, miss a turn or activate the dragon. On the board itself some squares instruct you to move more spaces either backward or forward. There are also safe squares which mean that your jewel is taken off making it safe from dragon attack.

When the dragon is activated it swings its head and neck around randomly and can knock jewels off:

I was very unlucky and my jewels kept being sent flying! This meant I was sent back to the beginning lots and lots... Meanwhile my children safely got to the cave and could deposit their jewels.

It is a very simple game with simple rules and my children found the dragon fun. I'm sure we will get hours of fun from playing it.

Dino Bite Game

The Dino Bite Game is a 4+ one as it requires some manual dexterity. For assembly batteries are inserted into the base and the T Rex clipped onto the base.

Once switched on the T Rex starts to snore with ambient background noises. Each player rolls the die and has to pick out a baby from the nest using the tweezers. This can be an easy 1 baby or a nail biting 4!

My 9 year old found it easier than the 5 year old to extract the babies. They both jumped whenever the T Rex woke and attacked!

A simple game and if you don't want the noises it still works with power off or even batteries out. It also doesn't take a long time to set up and play as once you've been attacked by T Rex you are out.

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