Wednesday 3 October 2012

Flab Fighters Week 4


As so many of us are flab fighting at the minute I thought I would create a linky for us all to help encourage each other! So each week on a Wednesday join in and get support and encouragement. Just let us know:

  • What you aiming to achieve (general weight loss, drop a dress size)
  • What you doing to get there (diet, fitness etc.)
  • What you did right this week
  • What you did wrong this week
  • How its going so far
I'll be putting a badge in that you can use on your posts and putting the linky on each week. Let's fight that flab and get nice and slim!

What I did right this week

I again made it to the gym several times including an almost full hour whilst the children had a martial arts class. At Rosemary Conley I did the top level 3 fitness routine which gets a real sweat on! I stayed even closer to my calorie allowance and drank very little alcohol. As a family we went on a 3 generation bike ride, only 7 miles but we exercised together! The wii got turned on for the first time in 18 days...

What I did wrong

Whilst out for a meal I didn't make the healthiest choices and was tempted by tiramisu! The Wii needs to get used more often to get me active every day. I've not had enough vegetables in my diet so I'm going to try much harder to include at least 5 portions in my diet a day.

How it went

My weight loss this week was a meagre half pound! Better off than on but not good enough. I am being sponsored this month for a £ a pound in aid of the north west air ambulance and Macmillan cancer care so hope that inspires me to do better...

How have you done?

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  1. Half a pound is better than none ! :) Love the idea of pound for pound sponsorship - great motivation.


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