Tuesday 23 October 2012

Toyologist Review: Snazaroo Face Paints

I have never had much luck with face painting in the past so have tended to just let kids get their faces done by professionals! Having heard good things about Snazaroo face paints I was keen to see if I had more success with them. The set we were sent is aimed at boys with the packaging featuring boys and the 8 colours inside definitely more male friendly.

With Halloween just round the corner I thought we ought to try out some of the scary suggestions in the face painting guide. This gave clear instructions as to how to do the base coat and mix the colours. My son has chosen a vampire costume so I had an attempt at following the guide in the booklet. I think for a complete novice I didn't do too badly:

It looked better when teamed up with vampire clothes:

My daughter wasn't too impressed with my first go but was willing to be my second attempt. I found it easier this time as my technique was better. This was her final look:

Of course no testing would be complete without letting the children paint my face. I closed my eyes and let my daughter have a go. I have to say I quite loked the sensation of having the paint applied with the sponge and the brush. The paint felt quite light on the skin and not itchy like some face paints can be. Eventually I was allowed to open my eyes and see what she had done to me:

Pretty impressive for a 9 year old looking at picture in the booklet!

Like all face paints it rubs on to hands when you catch your face. The painting didn't seem to be too badly effected. Finally we tested cleaning the faces and the paint came off really easily with a flannel and soapy water.

We were all very impressed with the paints and can't wait until 31st October to have a second go at our scary faces! The kit is useable for 18 months so I'm sure we will get lots of fun out of it. I would highly recommend this if your children like having their faces painted.

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  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun,and the kids did a great job with you


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