Tuesday 16 October 2012

Gingerbread: make it work for single parents campaign

Make it work for single parents campaign

The make it work task list

We know that single parents want the opportunity to take up work that fits alongside their caring responsibilities, gives them enough money to support their children and allows them to progress. Now is the time for government, with employers, to employ a different attitude to single parents and work, and make that happen.

Decisive action in four key areas would transform the working (and the home) lives of hundreds of thousands of Britain’s poorest families, and, at last, make it work for single parents.

The workforce is waiting. We need the government to:

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  1. MidlifeSinglemum17 October 2012 at 13:09

    I never realized the restrictions of being a single mum regarding work hours until I became one. It's not such a big thing we are asking - just flexibility really. That we can work at home if our children are sick, make up missed office hours at home in the evening if there is a doctor's appointment or a thanksgiving assembly. And that no one minds.


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