Thursday 22 April 2010

What's in the bag...

The delightful Super Single Mummy has challenged me to a meme about checking out the contents of my handbag.... this could be dangerous but I will rise to the challenge!! 

funny mark in front was from an orange resting against it :-(

Front pocket:

2-4-1 vouchers from WH Smith for UK attractions
son's pocket money purse
daughter's pocket money pot
children's savings accounts books
children's WHSmith Xmas tokens
children's M&S Xmas tokens
my Sainsbury's Xmas token cover but not token
daughter's Argos gift card
son's Argos gift card cover but no token
several old till receipts
3 out of date money off vouchers for Sainsbury
2 chocolate lollipops
a 1967 One Penny piece

side pocket one:

Anti-bacterial hand gel
lollipop wrapper
a few beads from the necklace my daughter threw out of my bedroom window

side pocket two:

my knackered iPhone
some beans from my aunt's garden that were left over from last year and my daughter picked off the bush at Easter!

back pocket:

plastic bag that had covered my daughter's rulers ruler from Brougham Castle

Main part:

Healthy Start voucher letter
spare pair son's socks
empty envelope my Sainsbury gift token was in
Active Kids vouchers
spare pair son's trousers
Costa Coffee Club card
Sat Nav
another spare pair son's socks
online banking card reader
packets of sugar from a coffee shop
a klippit bag clip
a drumstick lolly
pony in my pocket
mini bank statement
sweetie wrappers

Phew that's it!! good excuse for a clear out... anyone spot what is missing from my hand bag??

OK so let's see what's lurking inside the bags of BumblingTweets and VioletPosy


  1. Did you leave your purse out?

    Thats a mighty long list, very practical if you were ever stuck on a train for a long time, there is more than enough in there to keep you going :)

  2. Kitchen sink! Tagged you over at mine today!

  3. yes no purse!

    plenty of room for more ;-)

  4. Golly, that's not a handbag... it's a suitcase! What's the label, Tardis?

  5. Love you need to read Banish Clutter forver'll change your life/handbag. You are either a mum on a budget or so rich you don't carry cash. 6p won't get you too far think you need to visit my blog!

  6. Most of it is there so it doesn't get lost! Purse turned out to be on the mantlepiece...

    In the middle of clearing out 6 bed house to move to a 2 bed one so handbag least of my worries!!


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