Tuesday 20 April 2010

The Grumps

I have been tagged by the wonderful Gappy for the new meme from Very Bored in Catalunya about the 7 things that have really got your goat this week...

So here we go:

  1. The idiot lorry driver on the M6 last Friday who wouldn't let me back onto the motorway from the Hilton Park Services and deliberately sped up to close the gap! The traffic was almost stationary at this point with it being Friday lunch time. It was totally unnecessary and rather scary. One minute later I overtook him and ended up getting to the M5 ahead of him...
  2. My building society - or at least one not very competent telephone clerk... I used my debit card to purchase my replacement iPhone online and this got flagged as potential fraud. So the building society disabled the use of my card online and posted me a letter. Unfortunately I was on holiday and only got the letter 5 days later when I got home. The next morning I rang and proved it was my transaction and was told my card was OK again. So I happily used my card for new tyres and some shopping. Then I tried to use it for an online transaction and was declined... 20 minutes of phone call later and it turns out clerk #1 hadn't clicked the right option..
  3. My dearest darling son for doing a poo on my mate's brand new spare room carpet... this was despite me putting him on the loo to do his business. I am sure he will crack it eventually or it might just crack me..
  4. Both my kids for driving me up the wall with their fighting, especially when put in the back row of my mate's car on Saturday.. her daughters were shocked into silence by the way #2 pulled out #1's hair..
  5. My BT Vision Box that won't boot up properly since I got back from holiday. It was all moved around before we went away and worked fine. Since we got back nothing....
  6. Government policy requiring a HIP before you can market your house. Makes it too darned expensive for me to get one when you can't guarantee that you'll make a profit.
  7. The price of fuel for my car going up - again! Why don't they lower the tax and pass on the wholesale price cuts....

Handing over the grump baton to:

NIckie at Typecast
Julie at the Sardine Tin
MissSearles as it's her birthday!!


  1. I'm sorry I laughed at number 3, thank you for taking up the grumpy gauntlet with such gusto. xx

  2. *grasps baton and runs like f***

    Will link back when I'm done :D

  3. my life is just full of poo at the moment!! think about 25% of my blogposts mention it...

    thanks for starting at meme that allows us to let rip...

  4. And breathe....

    Do you feel better now? I did.


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