Friday 12 February 2016

Fitness Friday: Brathay Half Marathon training week 6 #ThisGirlCan

I kicked off this week's training with a pace session at Fell Foot Parkrun (blog post here). The new course provides some great hill work for fitness:

Next time I aim to get up cafe hill twice at a run and build from there! I definitely need to reduce the time gap between my son and I as he was 10 minutes faster than me...

As I am trying to do some form of exercise every day this month I went swimming with my son on Sunday. Of the hour in the pool I am not sure how much was actually swimming apart from 4 lengths at the beginning! We did do diving, floating and other aquatic bits of fun though.

Monday was the only day that I definitely had time for the long run as this takes me over an hour. Typically the weather was cold and very, very wet but I planned a longer route than last week and set off. On the fly I adjusted it which made it longer but also reduced the climbs. As a sign of improved fitness I ran the whole length of Valley Drive for a new PR! There was an enforced walk as the verge was a bog to get to the summit but the rest of the run was Jeffed with 5 minutes of running and 30 seconds of walking. Got me to my first 10 k of the year in the same time as my last one last year:

On Tuesday I settled for lots of walking and racked up 10 km in the course of commuting and doing my errands:

Parenting duties prevented me from going to running club...

It was junior running club on Wednesday so I went to the gym in the afternoon for my cross training first:

The juniors had a session around the castle so we had the fun of going up the muddy, grassy slope in the dark:

I am so not a mountain goat like the children! Maybe I will try this route in daylight though...

As they have reintroduced the Metafit class at the leisure centre class on a Thursday I am trying to get there each week. The 20 minutes of intense exercise are a really good workout. Hopefully this equals fat burning as well as cardio. 

Today I have been on another longish walk into town and back and then played table tennis with my son and two of his friends. Not sure I was too active during the table tennis as we were all too amateurish to get rallies going!

Here is hoping next week with it being half term that I can continue the fitness streak and avoid over indulging on half term treats...

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