Thursday 18 February 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful: the February Half term edition #R2BC

Reasons to be Cheerful

I know its not half term everywhere but it is for us in Cumbria which makes me happy as I get more time with my children! Here are the other reasons that I am smiling this week:

1) Nostalgia

After chatting on Facebook and Twitter about the various Brownie badges on my camp blanket it brought back memories of doing the Crafting badge: 

I remember making a macrame owl which was hung up in my granny's breakfast room for decades but sadly vanished when she moved to a smaller home. So I decided to order myself a macrame owl kit (Amazon affiliate) to make another one nearly 40 years after doing the first! Watch this space..

2) Monkeying around

As parents of tweens and teens will know parenting can be a real roller coaster of emotions! So the days when my daughter wants to be in my company and is full of smiles and mischief brings smiles all round:

3) Travels in Cumbria

We love our adopted county and its a real relief to see how it is bouncing back from the devastating floods we have experienced this winter. Our trip on Tuesday gave us a chance to see how one of the worst effected towns at Glenridding on the shores of Ullswater is getting back to normal after THREE inundations. Its just a magical location and I so recommend a visit:

4) Running

This is how happy I look when on the first lap of the 5 at our Parkrun! Seeing my daughter enjoy marshalling and photographing the runners made the grin even more cheesy ;-) 

Why are you smiling this week? Please link your posts and grab the badge...

Reasons to be Cheerful 

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