Tuesday 9 February 2016

Kendal's Abbott Hall Park

On my way back from getting my hair cut on Tuesday I wandered along the edge of Abbott Hall Park and paused to take a few photos. Before you get into the actual park there is a very ornate plaque commemorating the opening of the Public Pleasure Grounds back in 1897:

Abbott Hall Park

The park is lovely piece of community space that is overlooked by the castle from the other side of the river:
Abbott Hall Park

It is a much used space and includes a playground, bowling green and the grassland. In summer months the space is often used for events such as Mintfest. The park is bordered on one side by Blind Beck:

Blind Beck, Abbott Hall Park

At many times of the year the beck is completely dry but not at the moment with our torrential rain!

Blind Beck, Abbott Hall Park

Information from the Kendal Civic Society plaque:

Blindbeck. This stream, probably called 'blind' because its source is hidden in the rock fissures of Kendal Fell, was formerly the boundary between the borough of Kendal and the township of Kirkland. Kirkland, on church land since the Norman conquest, had its own court and regulations. Traders whose goods did not meet Kendal's market standards or who could not afford the fees of the Kendal guilds set up their businesses here. Kirkland thus developed a separate character from Kendal,still recognisable today.

On the bridge over the beck someone created a flagstone with the 3 blind mice upon it:

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