Friday 19 February 2016

Fitness Friday: Brathay Half Marathon training week 7 #ThisGirlCan

School holidays often play havoc with my fitness as I don't want to abandon my children whilst I do it! It does make me be more creative though. We did all manage to go to Parkrun together on Saturday. My daughter marshalled and took photographs whilst her brother ran to 3rd place in his age category and I was 6th in mine:

By Wednesday I was desperate for some exercise so I combined having to go to the bank with a run. Its just over a mile to the town centre so I decided to just blast it and did my fastest kilometres of the year:

That's the face of someone who smashed their target on one Strava segment:

Yesterday we had some gentle family exercise with a hike. (This will be fully blogged about tomorrow!):

Today I wanted a decent bit of exercise so I was glad to discover that the swimming pool was open to the public at the same time as the spinning class:

We all got some exercise and fun at the same time! I still haven't worked out how to get a longer run into my week though.. At least I lost another 1 1/2 pounds though to keep up the steady loss and almost half a stone this year.. Onwards and downwards!

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