Sunday 14 February 2016

Guide Blanket nostalgia

My daughter is off to Guide camp next month and as part of it will be sewing more badges on to their camp blankets and talking about the badges on them. When I mentioned I still had mine the leader suggested that my daughter brings it along with her. So I dug it out of the vacuum bag in which it has been stored for years:

Over the years I had sewn all these badges on and I still have some in a box waiting to be added! I obviously had stuck to some sort of plan as to where they were sewn as they are all in certain places. 

My Brownie badges must have been the first ones sewn on when I first got the blanket. I was in 3 different packs from moving house and did plenty of activity badges:

Then I moved on to Guides during the early 1980s and the 75th anniversary of the Guides Association:

I then moved up to Rangers and more adventures whilst at the same time being in the Red Cross to do my Duke of Edinburgh's award and First Aid qualifications:

Other sections celebrate different countries or events. I collected most of these American ones during my amazing gap year trip. Others are from earlier trips there. They bring back so many memories:

I have had plenty of holidays in France and collected a fair few of these beautiful badges along the way:

Badges from England are down one edge of the blanket:

These Austrian ones are all from a school trip:

This top one brings back holidays with my grandparents in their Scottish cottage:

These are a souvenir of a trip to Italy with my mum when I was 16: 

Of course camp blankets were a perfect spot to put all the swimming badges and other sporting adventures:

I must have had a thing about the military when I was younger!

Finally some happy memories of my youth hosteling days with my family:

Do you still have your camp blanket from Guides or Scouts?

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