Tuesday 29 January 2013

Tuesday App Review: Wheels on the Bus

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I was lucky to be sent a code for a new music app Wheels on the Bus which is designed as an introduction to music for 2-6 year olds. I let my 6 year old loose without any input from me. The app comes with several different sections:

The main music section introduces children to music by highlighting the note to press to play along with the sheet music for the wheels on the bus. As a tune that most children know its a good one to start with:

There is also an option to play the tune without the sheet music being shown. The next note isn't coloured in until you have pressed the first one.

For variety there is also a paint box option which allows them to colour in pictures of buses and either choosing colours or using the magic brush:

Like many games from P2 Games the child can also use stickers to create moving scenes:

Or they can do simple jigsaw puzzles:

To show off their musical skills they can record their own tunes too:

Not sure my son will be given a recording contract just yet! He had a great time playing with the app and I could see his speed of playing improving the more he did it. At only £1.49 Wheels on the Bus is a good value app for trying out your young ones musical talents and having other fun activities as well.

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