Friday 11 January 2013

Back to routine? I don't think so!

One of things I was looking forward to about going back to school was being in routines again. Being relaxed and laid back at Christmas is lovely but after a while I want to be back doing things properly! So it was nice to think about activities happening on set days and times. With children in school and not under my feet there was so much to catch up on at home...

However things haven't worked out at all! My daughter had yet another dose of tonsillitis and was off sick on day one. Instead of a good girlie gossip at mummy coffee after the school run I was snuggling her - did get a coffee though! I had to talk to GP on phone and collect a prescription... Then as I had to deliver her to the grandparents for the afternoon I had to leave early and curtail my housework. I had then forgotten how manic swimming made our evenings (though now only 1 child has a class).

Day 2 and she was still ill and there were no available babysitters so I had to miss work completely. I did get more housework done whilst she watched endless Dr Who but never made some important phone calls. By the end of the day we were all worn out and very, very grumpy.

Wednesday I thought she was well enough for school so sent her in. On the way my car froze up and I had to climb in through the boot! Being childfree meant I could go to my church cell group for the first time since September. It was a lovely oasis in the middle of a manic week. After work it turned out that my daughter hadn't really been well enough for school and came home washed out..

So yesterday she was off again... I spent part of the morning playing quietly with her:



But then I had to once again go to report changed income to the housing benefit office so had to detour to drop her at my parents' first. All these extra journeys really ate into that precious housework time.

By today I was so shattered I overslept and we only just got to school on time. It was good to have a new addition to my week of a salsa exercise class with my Rosemary Conley instructor. It was good to shimmy out the stresses of the week. Shame that after work I then had a mad to dash to collect the children from school for a GP appointment!

So I am really, really hoping that next week will go more to plan. There is such a lot to get done and so little time to do it that any spanner in the works can set me back a long way. Hopefully we will all lie in tomorrow and catch up on sleep to be raring to go for the rest of the weekend...


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  1. Oh dear! I do hope next week is less crazy, and your daughter Feels much better xx


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