Saturday 19 January 2013

A Snowy Scoot-Walk Round Staveley

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No more snow here so a chance for my son and I to have some fun outdoors in Staveley whilst his sister went to a party with her friends. Nice to be able to have time just the two of us. First of all we went to the Recreation Ground where we were almost on our own except for one other brave foolish mum and her pre-schooler. At this point my son gave me a brief lesson in how to use my new scooter:

The whole park had a coating of snow on it:

but it was still possible to have a lot of fun as long as we kept moving around! My son enjoyed having virtually everything all to himself and even told me what to take photographs of him doing like these ones:

After a while even he got cold so he gave me another scooting lesson to get us to Wilf's cafe. There we tucked into fresh soup and sausages on toast respectively:

Yummy! To keep us going for the next stage of our expedition we also had some cakes whilst reading several picture books between us:

Suitably fortified we went out to look at the weir and the river though good old health and safety kept us further back than normal:

Then it was time to head down to the Miles without Stiles path on the far bank of the Kent:

There was time to have a quick game of Troll bridge:

After further scooting practice we headed up the river path to check out the weir:

The path was a real bonus to people with buggies or wheelchairs after it was completed in 2011. So many people were involved in making it look so fabulous:

It was a tad icy for scooting but it didn't stop us from stopping to take photographs as we wandered along. My son took some nice ones himself:

We then headed back through the village and as we still had a while to wait before my daughter was returned to us we spent our last bit of time together in the Duke William pub for a coffee and a juice. It was nice to warm up by their stove:


  1. This sounds like a fabulous mother and son day. Loving the hanging out in the cafe and the pub as well as getting lots of outdoor fun in.

  2. Winter days out have to include a pub or cafe!

  3. Gorgeous photos with all the snow! Brave indeed on the scooter but looks like you found a clear patch to enjoy. Thank you for linking up to Country Kids.

  4. Sounds like a lovely, quiet, fun day together and Wilf's Cafe served the perfect meal for a cold day. I could eat that right now! (popping over from Country Kids)


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