Thursday 31 January 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful: Week 5 #R2BC

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Michelle is showcasing some fabulous new bloggers this week so why not pop over to check them out! Before you do here are my reasons to be cheerful this week:


1) Good local service

My car unfortunately once again needed work doing to pass its MOT. Luckily my mechanic Des always does his best to minimise costs and got it sorted for as little as possible. Always great to have a trustworthy mechanic who sticks to his quotes and makes sure the customer pays just what is needed.

2) Time out

Not working in the mornings means I have time to get some me time in daylight. It's amazing how restorative the powers of coffee, cake and mummy chat can be! As a bonus I get to admire St James' stained glass windows:

3) Gym success

I belatedly had a review to see how my 30 session gym programme I started in September and finished in December had changed my body. It was all good news. I've lost 5 kg dropping my BMI to less unhealthy levels. My body fat has gone down by 2.5% too which is important. My blood pressure and lung capacity were already good so not much change there. As for my measurements I've last 3 cm off my arms, 5 off my chest, 5-6 off my waist, 7 off my hips and 3 off my thighs! Lets just say I'm pleased. I will be starting a new core programme next month to complement my running regime as I don't need any more cardio. And the good news is I qualify for a discounted membership from tomorrow so it's not breaking the bank!


Why are you happy this week?


  1. You have done really well at the gym. It is amazing how much better you feel. I have been going for a few years and have a nice circle of friends there now first thing in the morning. I love the stained glass window.

  2. you have had brilliant results from going to the gym..well done xx

  3. there are people I was seeing each time and staff so friendly

  4. Well Done of your results fab reasons x

  5. Well done on the inch loss, that's fantastic!

  6. Way to go on the weight and inch loss, you have done SO well! x


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