Wednesday 16 January 2013

Get Fit Feel Epic: Week 2 #GFFE

Well with week 1 going well could I carry on the good work into week 2 with the stresses and strains of being back to work and school plus after school activities? I have to say it is the after school stuff that usually throws a spanner in the works. Its often a grab and go with picnics or fish and chips in the car en route to something or other...

I was therefore pleased that I'd lost another 1.5 pounds this week. A nice healthy weight loss and one I hope to repeat most weeks this year. So how did I do it?

Firstly I added an extra exercise class to my week with my Rosemary Conley instructor. She has started lots of new classes but the only one I get to is the salsa on a Friday morning:

Would be nice to get to more but unfortunately the children have evening activities and I can't keep having babysitters!

I wasn't able to do too many Hairy Dieters recipes whilst rushing round. Plan is to cook a couple tomorrow morning when not at work so I just have to heat through. Still sticking to being teetotal! I have got some alcohol free beers in for the weekend though.

Hoping I'll have a chance in week 3 to fit in more exercise at home... front room just needs to be kept clear so that I can workout safely! How is everyone else doing with their healthy starts to 2013?

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  1. Well done on your weight loss, good luck for next week.


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