Wednesday 23 January 2013

Get Fit Feel Epic Week 3: #GFFE

Well I was really hoping that this week my weight would continue to drop after the previous 2 weeks but I always dread stepping on to Caytie's scales! Somehow I start to feel really flabby the nearer it gets to my turn... So it was really nice to see that another 1.5 pounds have come off. I am nearly back to the lightest I got last year and sneaking up on that all too elusive 2 stone award...

So what did I do to achieve this? Firstly on most days I kept my calorie intake below 1,500 calories. Some days I went over but it obviously balanced out. Investing in a 3rd hot food thermos has helped as having a hot picnic is much more filling. On days when I know its a manic evening I'm eating my main meal for lunch. Yes I am still eating junk sometimes but on the whole my diet must be going right.

As for exercise I threw a couple of new things to increase the number of days I am being energetic and also added to the variety. I am now the proud owner of a grown up scooter:

I have had a couple of trips on it from my maiden voyage on Saturday to a full trip to church and town on Sunday. I may have got some funny looks and been laughed at by teenagers but its a super fun way to whizz around! I just need to force my right leg to scoot as well as the left.

Then yesterday I took up running and I have challenged myself to work up to a 10 k run on May 18th! I've already signed up and paid so not backing out now... Just need to keep on working my way through the podcasts to build up my stamina and speed... Watch out in the local area for a red faced, panting, plump woman pounding the pavements! Apparently I need to run 3 times a week so I should be able to squeeze that in around my other commitments.

Let's hope I can keep up the momentum into week 4..


  1. You seem to be doing really well. It might be difficult to keep up the running if the snow keeps on falling but if you can then I am sure the weight will drop off.

  2. nhs choices ones tried wk 3 today even though only 3rd run!

  3. Well done you! I haven't signed up to a 10K (although eventually I hope to), but I am working my way through the C25K pod casts which are excellent training material. May I ask what podcasts you are using?


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