Thursday 24 January 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful Week 4: #ShopLocal #R2BC

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
Michelle has gone musical this week but I want to extol the virtues of one of our local shops and businesses up here in Cumbria that have made me feel cheerful this week!

Plumgarths Farmshop

The farm shop is based just outside Kendal on the Crook Rd so its very convenient for anyone driving past on the way to Windermere or the M6. Before I moved up here I always used to stop and buy some of their lovely sausages etc to take back to Hastings with me. Last week I cheekily asked on twitter if I could review some stuff for them and was told to pop in and get something!

Stepping inside its an Aladdin's cave of Lake District delights:

Plumgarths are butchers so they have plenty of choices for meat lovers (when I went in the sausage counter had been cleared for the night so just this fridge to be photographed):

The meat has such a good reputation that our local Asda now stocks it in large quantities as part of their drive to support local suppliers. The manager Paul supplied me with a pound of their award winning Cumberland sausages for me to try out with the children. These are slightly less seasoned than the traditional whirl so more likely to appeal to children.

I baked them in the oven yesterday morning so that we all had some for breakfast. My 6 year old son thought they were yummy though big sister wasn't so keen - shame I ended up with an extra one! I like the peppery taste and they were very succulent. There were plenty left over to put back in the fridge for later. In the evening I had a couple cold with an onion chutney (not a local one I'm afraid but I can recommend Friendly Food and Drink from Staveley for their chutneys!).

Do have local shops and businesses that make you smile to visit and to use their products?



  1. its is lovely to shop local..they look like they have a nice selection xx

  2. That looks to be a lovely shop. You are lucky because you have a Booths too!

  3. I have a local butcher, we visit regularly and get a lovely welcome as well as amazing meat x

  4. shahnaz Janglitz24 January 2013 at 17:52

    Very nice shop :)

  5. Oh no, I wish we had something like this local, my husband especially would be in his element. Mich x

  6. We have a similar farm shop just up the road from me and I love using it. Yours looks lovely. Sausages are always much nicer from a farm shop x

  7. Sounds great, making me hungry looking at all that! x

  8. we have a great local butcher and baker and the reality of it is that it doesn't actually work out any more expensive than the supermarket as the quality is so much better. For example, today two of their chicken breasts fed two adults and two kids but I would need a pack of at least 4 chicken breasts from the supermarket to get the same amount of meat.


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