Friday 25 January 2013

Helping You Find Healthy

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Bupa are finding new ways to help us all get fitter and healthier with their new Bupa find healthy web site. It is packed full of free tools, apps and advice to help everyone: 


I decided a good way to find a healthy new me was to start by finding my current Health Age:

Alright it's not too bad, I'm slightly younger than my "real age" so it was time to check out more of the Bupa apps to see what they could do to help! The first recommendation was to aim for a healthier weight which when I clicked on the link gave me more information as to why having a BMI that was too high was unhealthy. Then there were links to healthy eating with diet and nutrition tips and more apps to help plan a healthier diet.   

If I wanted to I could have a healthy diet assessment to see where I am going wrong! I know that at the minute my diet is pretty healthy and I'm temporarily teetotal so I haven't tried this but if your diet is stuck in a rut it could be well worth the 10 minutes of your time.

I was also recommended to check out their fitness and exercise page to help burn off more calories. Apparently I need to exercise 5 times a week - I was doing this before Christmas but I've let this slip a bit... So I have installed the Bupa Fitness App onto my iPad now I have to do a fitness assessment and get myself a customised 4 week programme. To help me there are plenty of fitness apps on the site too:

As part of this I am looking to taking up running with a 10km charity race I have signed up for so I have installed the running app on my iPhone, had a look at their tips for new runners and I've downloaded a programme designed for novice runners to get to a 5km level. Hopefully I can then up to the next level in time for my actual event..

So why don't you find out your Health Age and check out the other useful apps to make you fitter, healthier and younger in 2013! I will have to post again later in the year to see if I've got myself any younger..

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