Friday 18 January 2013

1000 daily photographs

Yes one thousand photographs on to my blipfoto journal as of today! I posted the 1000th one this evening having been nervous all week about hitting the milestone. Basically you get an awful lot more views for posts that hit certain figures so you want to showcase your best. Today was grey and miserable and I didn't have much time to do anything.

I spent quite some time trying to take photos of my children with my proper camera but somehow they were all either naff or the children pulled silly faces! Then after we had got back in from swimming and football I experimented with a gerbera which was all I had in the house that looked good enough to photograph... Eventually I got something I was happy to tweak and then post:

It's been amazing how many lovely comments I've had already tonight and not just from my regular visitors. Being on blipfoto has helped me to improve my photography and to keep my eyes pealed for something different. These are some of my more recent favourite shots:

Wonder if I'll make it to 2000...

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