Saturday 12 January 2013

Recipe for a fun family Saturday

1) Lie in

Let your children wake up when they are ready - earliest mine made a noise was 8:45 today! This meant that we all got enough sleep after struggling with early starts for school. My children know mummy needs a relaxing start to the weekend so they take themselves downstairs and quietly watch TV. My daughter offered to do me breakfast in bed but she wasn't able to put together any of the Hairy Dieters ones so I had to miss out today...

2) Let off steam

My son had bought a new maxi micro scooter with Christmas money as we had difficulty sharing the one we got to review at Easter! He was dead chuffed to have a special jubilee year one with a special bottle holder:

He and his sister then let off steam for half an hour in the street whilst I got on with the laundry:

3) A trip by the river

We love going into Kendal along the banks of the river Kent. There is always wildlife to look out for and today we saw ducks and goosanders:

Along the way my on acted like a personal fitness instructor telling me to go faster and jump up the hill. He is a hard taskmaster:

4) Naughty lunch

After all that exercise the children were allowed a Happy Meal in McDonalds. I was good and had the salad!

5) A literary break

We nipped into the temporary library (newly refurbished library opens on Monday!) to return old books and borrow some new ones. My son loves choosing books and spent ages making a decision. The temporary selection didn't tempt my daughter but I have got a stack to help me with my 100 book challenge.

6) Sale shopping

It's always good to have some Christmas money to spend in the sales and we all managed to grab some bargains. Always annoying when the size you want isn't available...

7) A restorative drink

It was such a cold day we had a drink at costa before heading home. We attempted to sit outside but had to retreat indoors! It was nice that we ended up chatting to another mum who gave us a hot tip for a football club for my son to join when he leaves Little Kickers.

8) A brisk walk home

Not a day to dilly dally in the cold so we whizzed back home via the river bank again:

9) Car clean

As I'm giving my mum a lift tomorrow it was time to clear out the rubbish and accumulated stuff and give it a vacuum! Wonder how long that will last...

10) Easy dinner

It was a chance to empty freezer a bit tonight for an easy cook dinner. Kids very happy with fish fingers, waffles and peas! I had my leftovers from last night re-heated. Have to keep it simple sometimes.

11) Movie

We are now all watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and I have my son snuggled on my knee. After our energetic day it's nice to unwind...


  1. This seems like a perfect recipe for a good day. I eagerly await the day when my 2 are old enough to be trusted to watch TV, so I can have a sneaky extra 20 minutes in bed!

  2. Sounds fun, but busy. I wish my son would sleep till 8.45.


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