Saturday 26 January 2013

Finally some snow fun

My children have been very disappointed that Kendal seemed to be the only place in the UK without enough snow to use their sledges. They had been rescued from the grandparents' garage but had been sitting around doing nothing..

Then yesterday it finally started to snow and it didn't stop for over 12 hours so we had to stay at the grandparents' house:

The children were finally able to build a snowman even if it was in miniature:

Then we managed to get back across town and into the field behind our house:

We are so lucky to have just enough of a slope for a sledging session without too long a walk from the house. Normally this field is full of dog walkers but today it was mostly children with their parents having a great time whizzing down the hill:

There can't be too many places to sledge where you have an audience of sheep to watch you coming down the hill:

The children and I had a great time and my son even photographed me coming down on his sledge:

The snow might not last but at least we have had some fun! Just glad we filled up our bird house feeding station:

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. My word, that's a serious sledging hill! I bet they had a marvellous time going down it.

    Popping over from Country Kids

  2. It's just right length for little ones!

  3. I want to drive all the way up to you just to have a go on that field, and it looks like you are the only ones there! We are still without snow but if we had some I would have to have a borrow of the kids sledges too! Thank you for linking up.

  4. Your sledging looks fun, I wish we had a big hill like that :)

  5. looks like they had so much fun xx

  6. That hill looks fun for sledging down.

  7. Donna Bird (mummybird)29 January 2013 at 00:01

    Loving your miniature snowman, very cute. I have really enjoyed looking at your snow pictures. Looks like you live close to the perfect hill for sledging, my children would love it. Thanks for linking up with Mummybird. x

  8. Aww, poor birds :( The sledging looks fun though

  9. OH bought Munchkin a sledge just as our snow melted... he had to drag her round the park on the little we had left. A workout for him! Looks like your kids had great fun. :-)


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