Wednesday 16 February 2011

The Gallery: Togetherness

A lovely challenge from Tara this week. There is only one couple I want to use for this one. My grandparents were married for 70 years and earned 3 cards from the Queen in recognition of each of the last 3 decades. A fine example of togetherness and one which most people today fail to get anywhere near:

November 11th 1939

November 11th 2009


  1. So these are the famous grandparents who have 70 years of togetherness behind them? How wonderful! All of those photos are lovely and they look such kind, warm hearted people. Congratulations to them on sticking together all this time xx

  2. Absolutely delightful! Thank you for sharing that!


  3. Fantastic post :) They look so happy in all three pictures. And your Gran is positively radiant in her wedding dress!!

    My Grandparents reached their 60th wedding anniversary last year and it was brilliant when all the family came together to celebrate and it was so easy to see that they are still very much in love now :)

  4. So glad they made it that far - 5 months later Granddad died aged 94! Apart from the war they were hardly apart all their married lives. Lucky things to have such a love.

  5. Amazing story & photos - I love the wedding picture! Your Gran is very stylish.

  6. They were very lucky to have such wonderful times.

    A quite amazing achievement!


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